Wedding Flower Trends for 2021

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Aug 01, 2020

Wedding trends for 2021 will be influenced by the impact of Coronavirus in 2020 and there will be two clear directions when it comes to planning.

Clients will either adopt a ‘go big or go home’ approach for postponed weddings as a result of months of separation and social distancing or clients will opt for micro-weddings, scaling back their guest list and focusing on celebrating with their closest loved ones.

Celebrations will be much more intimate and therefore personalisation and presentation will be a focal point.

What wedding flower trends can I expect to see in 2021?

Sustainable floral arrangements – Couples are increasingly on the search for florists that can provide locally grown and sourced flowers to cut down on their carbon footprint. There will be a real organic feel to florals, lots of texture and unstructured/wild/loose arrangements being at the top of the “must’ have” list.

You can read more about sustainable flower choices, British growers and suppliers in one of our earlier blogs.

Dried Flowers

Modern styling also sees the introduction of earthier, more neutral tones created with a mix of dried flowers and grasses such as the stunning pampas grass, bunny tails or wheat sheaves. Also seen in contemporary home interiors, dried flowers are a sustainable and eco-friendly option.

Edible Flowers

Frozen in ice-cubes, floating in cocktails, sprinkled on tops of dessert, edible flowers are a big wedding reception trend for 2021. It’s this attention to detail and personalisation that many couples will be seeking to add and food and drink will play a big part in celebrations for 2021.

Living Plants

Potted plants will be used as entrance decor to welcome guests or to style out tables with varying styles of potted herbs/greenery. These will then double up as special gifts that can be given away to guests, particularly at smaller, more intimate gatherings.

Multi Purpose Arrangements

As a more sustainable and budget friendly option, couples will be focused on selecting key pieces of decor that can be used for the wedding ceremony and then transferred to the reception.

We spoke to Sally from Serendipity Floral Designs ( to give her personal predictions and insight into what floristry will look like in 2021. Formerly a teacher, Sally re-trained as a florist after a life changing illness inspired her to follow her dream. This simple dream was the seed for what would become Serendipity: a wedding florist that tells your unique love story. Sally quickly built a reputation within the wedding industry for creating stunning floral designs.

Here’s what Sally had to say:

“With the postponement of weddings from 2020 to 2021, weddings are going to have much more sentiment and meaning. I’m predicting the following trends for 2021/22”

Big Oversized Bouquets ~ Weddings are the only time a bride really holds flowers for a long period of time, so why not have a big beautiful bouquet to compliment their stunning gown. Many brides are wanting to add a hint of scent too, which will conjure up memories of their day in the future. Popular flower choices to add scent are the softly scented beautiful luxury garden roses (O’Hara, David Austin ‘Keira’ & David Austin ‘Juliet’) along with the pretty delicate freesia, lily of the valley and more strongly scented stock.

Colour ~ I predict the golds, cream and muted floral shades staying with us into 2021/22, along with us still seeing some of the dried grass and pampas in designs. However, the natural & buttery floral tones will become even more visible along with whites and varying tones of greens being dominant. We will see less bolder colours and more subtle undertones such as peach and soft pastels of lilac and powder blue coming through.

Statement Designs ~ Brides and grooms are still wanting to make a statement but are still very budget aware. They’re thinking where can they use their flower budget to the most effect and so we will see them choosing to make a wow focal statement at their church or venue. The luxurious floral moongate and floral column pillars will still be popular, being densely decorated with a mix of natural floral tones, greenery and grasses. Along with the traditional urn designs at the top or end of the aisle.

Floral table runners – I’m also seeing clients favouring using their floral budget on the top table design. Here I predict the full length floral runner decoration to be very popular. Densely packed with a mixed variety of dark and light greenery (such as ruscus, pistachio, eucalyptus, asparagus fern and salal leaves) along with the large headed cream Columbian hydrangea running through the design as focal flowers, teamed with the ever popular roses, stocks, and smaller filler flowers such as lisianthus, astilbe, phlox and freesia.

Hanging Installations ~ I’m seeing the popularity increase for the breathtaking hanging florals for 2021/22. It seems to be that clients are wanting to create lasting memories with statement floral decorations and this design will surely do that.


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