Wedding sand ceremonies are now gaining more popularity and is the romantic blending of two different colour sands into a single vase.  The meaning of doing this ceremony in addition to your official vows signifies a treasured moment between a married couple.

The ceremony can be as simple as you want it to be and it is an added extra to your marriage vows, creating an even more romantic ambiance.  The time for it take place is after the exchange of rings and your wedding vows and is the pouring of your chosen coloured sand into a single vase to give a symbolic reminder of marriage.

“The blending of two different beings, the bride and the groom, into a single inseparable unit, marriage, a joining of two lives together”

The process can be adapted to how you both want it to happen but a ceremony has typical elements to it.

Three vases will be in front of the bride and groom, one holding the brides sand, one holding the grooms sand and then the official ‘together’ vase.  The ceremony is then conducted.

  • The registrar will explain the meaning of a sand ceremony and what it means for the bride and groom
  • The registrar will invite the groom to pour some of his sand in the main vase
  • The registrar will then invite the bride to pour some of her sand into the main vase
  • The bride and groom are then both invited together to pour their remaining sand into the vase which is a joining of their marriage.
  • The registrar will then close the ceremony to signify the importance.

The bride and groom will have a lasting memory made by themselves in a personal sand ceremony, a vase symbolic to their marriage vows and wedding day.  Their will be the layer of the grooms sand and brides sand separate and then on top the mixed sand which is the bringing together of two people in marriage and their life together.

A sand ceremony has so many advantage to make the occasion completely personal.  For instance if you have children you can involve them with their own coloured sand, family can be involved, the list is endless on how you can make this a perfect ceremony.  One idea that Ambience HQ likes is collecting sand from your favourite places that you have been to or co-ordinating the colour of the sand to your wedding colours.

The appeal is how simple and romantic this can make a wedding.  A beautiful addition and there is no need to over complicate it.

If you would like to include this into your marriage ceremony talk to our venue stylists who will be able to give you some examples and inspiration to make it perfect.