It’s 2019 which means it’s time for an update on the latest trends! Last year you LOVED the guidance our 2018 trend report gave you. We’ve been inspired by the latest international trends so, by popular demand, here’s our digested version of the latest wedding trend report for 2019.


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Deep in colour love

We’re going to see a return to deep colours like emerald and aubergine and a growing demand for florals. So think about your bridesmaid dresses and maybe dress your girls in deep shades of green, or amethyst or an ombre mixture of both.


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We’re all becoming more plastic-aware now, and there is a continuing rise in eco-friendly weddings.

More couples are thinking about vegan options for their wedding reception too. So that’s definitely something to talk to your caterer about…

greenery at wedding

Greenery is going to be HUGE in 2019

Greenery is a real thing

Increasing numbers of couples are going to be opting for the freshness that greenery offers, with strands of foliage draped across tables, chairs and ceilings. Floral walls are still popular (they make such a perfect backdrop for photographs) and the rustic wedding look seems like it’s never going to go away.

Our Buckinghamshire stylist shows the long table/greenery trend off to perfection here

Less is more

Minimalism is back, and it’s going to be a massive trend in 2019. Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie were style setters with their wedding gowns, which had minimal embellishment, instead relying on a beautiful fit and cut. That’s something brides are now opting for too.

At your reception, this will translate to your floral decisions. Instead of arrangements of brightly coloured flowers, choose strands of simple leaves on a dark backdrop, as above.

Time to turn the tables

For guest tables at your reception, there’s a move towards long, refectory style tables instead of traditional round tables. In keeping with this, forget high candelabra. Instead designers are opting for low level vases and centrepieces which encourage the flow of conversation and prevent decoration becoming a ‘wall’.

The flowers you will choose

International wedding stylists report back that these are going to be the flowers in vogue: chrysanthemums, anthuriums, gerberas, carnations, dahlias, ranunculus, asters, tropical – monstera and palmetto, dried flowers, garden roses and peonies, thistle, dendrobium, pincushion protea, craspedia. Mention these blooms to your florist and see what they suggest.

2019 wedding fairs

Choose soft, neutral lighting which will enhance selfies rather than brights. Table styled by our York stylist at the Principal York with LOVE letters by Club Class Entertainment and photography by JoanneB Photography

The age of the selfie

Everyone is taking selfies now and they’re not going to stop at your wedding. To help your guests take good shots avoid having bright muti coloured lighting at your reception. Instead choose mood lighting in soft whites or amber that will enhance and set the right atmosphere.

Wedding signs are being frequently chosen for lighting up the dancefloor and lighting pathways. They’re also a good backdrop for selfies.

Other lighting you’ll be seeing plenty of are fairy lights, neon wedding signs and LED backdrop lighting.

Fairy lights are a favourite trend


One aspect that shines through the 2019 trends is the use of textures. We’re seeing mixing golds with black metal finishes. Velvet fabrics and accessories used as a drape over chairs or as a table runner. You might like to think of using velvet as a trim on your wedding dress or in winter, dressing your bridesmaids in velvet. In fact, we’re getting more and more requests from brides to use this soft, classic fabric. Vintage finds and investment pieces are precious discoveries.

A touch of velvet is very on trend. Created by our York stylist in collaboration with talented local suppliers

Black and gold will be making an appearance together. Styled by Ambience Bradford.

Other fabrics you’re going to be seeing are those that shimmer and shine like sequin linens.

‘Elegant black tie’ is a recurring theme that we predict we’re going to see a lot of.  Look at last week’s blog to see how we’re interpreting it with a monochrome colour palette, plus gold and blush accents for warmth.

Our ‘Elegant Black Tie’ theme

What we’re seeing again in 2019

Some trends from 2018 have proven so popular they’re going to continue through this year. Archways continue to be popular as well as trees and large arrangements for ceremonies. Well, of course, the backdrop these give to photographs is just perfect.

greenery over doorway at wedding

Architectural features will be highlighted. Credit: Ambience Northants

A striking architectural feature in a building such as a staircase or fireplace will be celebrated and used as a focal point.

Our Hertfordshire stylist made a highlight of this staircase


The long, refectory style tables here are set in beautiful sapphire shades. Very 2019. You’ll also see the elegant use of charger plates – they were big in 2018 and will continue throughout 2019. By Ambience Venue Styling Hertfordshire.

Brides will also notice the prevalence of geometrics on tables, pops of bright colour, the popularity of charger plates, and tropical themes.

This table setting illustrates the focus on geometrics we’ll be seeing more of and how stone and marble are intergrated in to wedding styling

Colourful brights are going to be mega popular following the Pantone colour of the year for 2019… Here we used bright pink sashes on tobacco coloured chiavari chairs to create the “on demand” Tropical Paradise wedding look.

Another look at the Tropical Paradise themed table with bright blooms and fronds of greenery

A base white cloth is lifted with a sequin runner and chiffon top table drape. Created by our York stylist, Joanne B photography.

It’s all about textures

Stylists are taking a new look at table linen and exploring the possibilities. Think of the tablecloth as a backdrop for a ‘tablescape’. We’re using textured linens and lace, and dropping tablecloths right down to the floor. On the tables at chic weddings you’ll see sequins shimmering over tables, lace overlays, ‘petal’ finish cloths and ‘rosette’ fabrics. Fabrics are moving into more than one dimension.

Lace is being used as an overlay on tables. Created by our Hertfordshire wedding stylists.

Colours and textures are being mixed and matched with different styles of glassware, crockery and linen. Muted and metallic tones are still popular.

Glassware is being used as focal points on tables

Interiors influence

Interior design is also having a major influence on weddings. In recent years, many fashion designers have brought out ranges for interiors which have then been incorporated in venue styling. Now, designesrs are using warmer colours to create a cosy atmosphere and ‘hygge’ mood (that’s the Danish and Norwegian word for being snugly wrapped up a feeling of well-being).

We mentioned velvet before and it’s having a real moment in interior design and this effect is definitely trickling through to weddings.

Velvet used as a base for this table styling… By Ambience Suffolk

Where should you start looking for ideas?

Social media is a good place to start breezing through. You’ll find ideas to inspire on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Check out hashtags like #weddingtrends #weddinggreenery #weddinginteriors. Enjoy exploring and feel free to get in touch if you need any tips or advice!