We’re always on the lookout for new wedding ideas to tell you about. In the last few days we’ve been watching some reports on wedding trends closely and here’s what you need to know.

By the way, these are international wedding trends, not just ones hitting the UK so there is masses of new inspiration for you to be thinking about… We also cover trends that are really, really over and so you probably won’t want to go there!

We’re not just talking wedding décor either. These trends cover the dresses brides are likely to be wearing, their bridesmaids’ dresses, the choice of flowers, the food guests are going to be eating and the style of wedding that is having a bit of a moment.

Love this example found on Pinterest of a Hygge wedding!

Giving your guests a warm feeling

You have probably heard about the Scandinavian concept of Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-gar’). It’s all about creating a place of sanctuary and cosiness, so welcoming your guests to your wedding. This is done with candles, greenery, foliage, soft welcoming colours and fabrics. This isn’t a new trend but it is making its way in to weddings!

Embracing imperfection

Now this is a new one. It’s the Japanese idea of ‘Wabi-sabi’, an ancient philosophy which finds beauty in imperfection. For this, décor is pared down to a minimum and colours kept to muted tones. Everything on show needs to look pre-loved and used so mismatched crockery, tables that look as though they have hosted hundreds of meals over the years, maybe your grandmother’s table linens! This isn’t a look for anything new and shiny. Maybe time to dig out some family heirlooms?

Accessorising wedding

Lavender details…

Metallics and colours

The shiny stuff that’s trending right now is brass. But trend watchers say that silver is about to make a comeback… So now you know.

Love powdery pinks and millennial pinks? Okay, but forecasters say that they’re going to start looking very dated by the end of 2018. So if you’re getting married in 2019 or 2020 you might want to steer away from that type of colour scheme.

On the other hand, lavender looks set to take its place, with designers like Victoria Beckham and Michael Kors featuring it in their collections. Think about it for suits and accent colours.

Florals are going to give way to black and white polka-dots. They’re going to be everywhere!

Digital detoxes and mindfulness

Stepping away from our smart phones and technology, another new trend on the way in is Earthen Luxury. It’s all about reconnecting with Nature and having a simpler style of life. Think well-being, organic fabrics, and artisan handicrafts. Colours are earth tones and dark woods like walnut and rosewood. It’s definitely not a blond, Scandi style!

Gorgeous ASOS Tropical Print Dress!

What will you be wearing?

Bold Psycho-Tropical. Yes, it’s a trend! Think vivid colours, acid lime and ultra violet. Flowers are likely to be lush botanicals, both on tables and overhead. We’re thinking hot house flowers like orchids, bougainvillea, hibiscus…

Fringing is also going to make its presence felt which could look wonderful on bridesmaids’ dresses, on tablecloths, on shawls.

Feathers are also going to be big. They’re so versatile, as they can be used on everything from table décor to cake decorations, on shoes as a trim, on a wrap or shrug, or in place of flowers as table centres. You can use feathers on your wedding invitations too.

Iridescent feathers are going to be key, which is when they seem to be different colours from different angles.

Down Under

In Australia, it’s all about Barefoot Glamour, an update of boho style. This look uses high end fabrics and metallics, think coastal meets luxury. Think richness on the beach not a swaggering boast but more a low key, luxurious whisper by candlelight.

black and white wedding reception theme

Stunning styling by our Bradford stylist…

Back to black

White on white and white with black accents is also something you’re going to be noticing. Also black. This translates as brides with black belts around their wedding gowns or their bridesmaids rocking a similar look. Maybe a white wedding cake decorated with black detailing, black candles, black napkins etc.

But it’s not all black, it’s accents of black.

Other colours to look out for are aubergine, emerald greens, white with greenery, magenta paired with softer pinks and purples. It’s all about moodiness.

Blush pink is still a colour right now. Pastel tones, soft linens and metallics work well with it. Velvet is a massive wedding fabric too.

Have a think about these wedding trends and what would work for you. Enjoy your wedding planning!