This week Ambience HQ have been looking to see what are going to be HOT wedding trends for 2015.

So if your wedding is next year, take a look at some of the ideas that are starting to appear for along with some of our predictions that could also be seen during 2014 as well as 2015.

As a bride to be getting your dress perfect is what you have dreamed of for as long as you can probably remember. With the vast amount of dress ranges available we can be spoilt for choice, so where do we start?  One thing we do know is that when you find your dress you know its the one for you.

Wedding Dresses

Bridal Fashion week took place in April in New York to showcase the fashion for brides for the 2015 spring collections.  There was a lot of news around what was being shown on the catwalks from 90’s minimal and funky in the styling of fashion model ‘Kate Moss’  to continuing the lace and innocent look of Kate Middleton.

Grecian style wedding dresses we think will not date and they instead become more graceful, which is exactly what was showcased in New York.  The materials are softer and giving the overall effect of grace and beauty.  Beautiful summer beach style wedding dresses were also popular. More and more brides are opting for the non traditional weddings and then follow with non traditional dresses, so we are also starting to see lots of colourful bridal dresses on our catwalks.  With a touch of pink being a favourite but following now are ice tones of colour.

Kate Middleton became a bridal icon and her wedding dress style is still a massive favourite, whilst creating a very beautiful soft and innocent look with the lace over the shoulder area with low neck lines giving dresses their absolute beauty. A firm favourite for a lot of brides to be.

Finally the more modern touch for the classic off the shoulder bridal gown made a statement on the catwalks too.  With capped sleeves resting on the edge of brides shoulders to strapless style dresses with added off the shoulder draping looks.

All of the bridal dresses that we looked at are beautiful and we always look forward to seeing what our brides are wearing.  Each year brings fabulous designs.

Colour Themes

Choosing a colour and a theme for your wedding will set your style for your venue decor.  As a bride to be you will know what you want and how you want to style it.  This is an exciting time and creating and putting together your venue decor is just as important as your wedding dress.

Pink is said to represent unconditional love and understanding, whilst purple is a  passionate colour, signifying devotion and luxury.

There are the seasonal colours that brides will look at:

  • A Spring wedding is dominated by pinks, purples and navy blues, light blue tones and greens.
  • A Summer wedding is dominated with pinks and purples coupled with cream tones and white.
  • An Autumn wedding sees a continuation of cream tones from Summer matched with navy blue, reds and burgundys. In later Autumn golds, silvers and browns will be introduced.
  • A Winter wedding will see a lot of the same colours from Autumn but with tones of purples and pinks which then takes us back to Spring weddings.

For the first half of 2014 navy blue and cream tones and vintage hessian and lace sashes have been popular for our brides but what is going to continue as the ‘colour for 2015’ ?  Ambience HQ predict that navy blue will continue being popular along with the vintage look but we will be seeing quite a lot of our brides incorporating coral and the many shades of pink that are available too.

Styling your Venue

Our stylists create many themes for our brides but what are the popular items that we are seeing?

Aisle Runners are being used more and more and have a variety of uses from hiding a floor that doesn’t compliment your wedding colours or theme to creating a more elegant entrance.  Decorated with Topiary Trees at the entrance with rose petals or storm vases with candles along the aisle runner just gives your ceremony venue a finishing touch.

There are many styles of chairs and every venue will have a different style. It doesn’t matter what style of chair a venue has but one style of chair that is now being used in many venues is the elegant Italian Chiavari chair.  With the beautiful design of the chair we are able to weave our sashes into the chair back creating exquisite styling giving something a little different.

The UK summer is not always a guaranteed summer so we do take a chance on having an outside wedding with a marquee.  Marquee weddings are a wonderful setting and we can dress with room drapes and backdrop lighting. Soft elegant materials give a romantic feel to a room with minimal lighting feeding through the drapes.

Ice sculptures look amazing at our dressed venues, from ice bars, to ice wedding cakes and wonderfully designed centre pieces they give your wedding a definite talking point for your guests.  Each ice sculpture is lovingly prepared and expertly displayed with LED lighting to give a wonderful effect.

These are just some of the items that look hot and hotter for wedding trends for 2015 from Ambience HQ.  If you have any comments on what we have featured do let us know.