What’s the right wedding colour palette for me?

Apr 30, 2021

Picking the right wedding colour palette for your special day can be challenging yet it’s one of the first big decisions that couples have to make at the start of their wedding planning as it can predetermine a lot of other decisions further down the line.

Mood Enhancing

Colours can effect are mood and emotions – colour psychology is the theory behind the connotations that certain colours evoke. The vast majority of emotions connected with colours are universal because they have an effect on the brain which is why the concept of colour psychology has become extremely popular in marketing, art, design, interiors etc – In simple terms, colours connect emotions and if there’s one day when emotions will be running high, it’s your wedding day!

How do you want you and your guests to feel when they enter the room? Set the mood with uplifting and energising colours, opt for sophisticated and balancing neutral colours or how about calming and relaxing tones like this!

Blue and lilac combinations are sensual. They reduce tension, relax you and actually create a sensation of space like here at Goldsborough Hall.


Just like we wouldn’t wear flip flops in winter or padded coats in summer, there are certain colour palettes specifically better suited to particular seasons. For example we naturally gravitate to the deeper berry tones and seasonal foliage in winter whereas spring awakens the yellow seen in daffodils or the beautiful fluffy textures and colours of blossom. The season in which you are getting married is therefore likely to have a big influencing factor on the colour palette that you decide to opt for.

We love the warm and inviting tones of this rust and terracotta look at Moxhull Hall, perfect for an autumn wedding. This colour palette works with the season and sits alongside branches and leaves that are just starting to turn!

Venue Aesthetics

We’ve all had it, we’ve fallen in love with a venue but there’s a big BUT – the carpets don’t match your colour theme or the curtains are too patterned! If this is the case then don’t blow your budget trying to hide or disguise these areas, instead look to compliment them with a more neutral look. Thankfully many venues now offer a more blank canvas experience. Barn venues, quirky venues or venues with character are on the must have list for many couples.

Teesside Wedding Table

Be aware of lighting in your venue, is there a lot of natural light? If not, avoid darker, heavier colour palettes and opt for a lighter base colour in order to lift the colours in the room.

Exposed brick walls and contemporary settings are the perfect opportunity to harmonise with the natural stone work and bring in elements of greenery alongside a timeless neutral such as white or ivory. Adding a pop of statement colour can also really make it your own like this deep pink seen at Middleton Lodge.


Image 1 and 2: Ambience Harrogate and North Yorkshire,
Victoria Ivy Floral Design,
Helen Lishman Photography

Image 3: Venue – Moxhull Hall,
Photographer – Amy Rose Photography,
Florals – Willow and Wild,
Styling – Ambience Venue Styling Coventry,
Planning and Concept – Wellies and Wifi,
Stationery – Lucy McSpirit

Image 4: Ambience Venue Styling Teesside,
Photography @stevenmcdonald_photography,
Florals @heavenscentthornab

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