So he popped the question when you least expected it to happen and it has taken you completely by surprise. Everyone is so pleased and happy and now you’re both thinking how quickly could we get married.

Well firstly, “congratulations from us all here at Ambience HQ”

Secondly – don’t panic! You both have decided that you don’t want a long engagement so organising a whirlwind wedding in a few weeks is perfectly possible, and we think short engagements are really quite romantic.

Thirdly, don’t rush into spending money right away. The very first thing you should be doing is working out a budget between you. Sorry to be unromantic but more couples argue about money than anything else and you don’t want to be starting off married life with debt.

For instance starting to spend money on table decorations and decor isn’t always needed straight away because you will be surprised at what our wedding venue stylists  can offer with the styling decor portfolios, you will be pleasantly surprised.  Dressing your venue is just as important as your wedding dress, it important and personal to you as the happy couple.

Here’s our list of wedding must-dos and the order in which to do them. 

  • After organising your budget, the next thing you need to do is set a wedding date. Don’t be panicked into thinking you won’t find a supplier or wedding venue. There are plenty about and demand largely depends on the time of year in which you’re marrying (for example a summer Saturday is going to be busy). Be flexible and prepared to marry midweek to get the venue, photographer, florist and caterer you want.
  • Send save the date cards (or invitations if your wedding is less than six weeks away) as soon as you know your wedding date. You don’t have to have complicated, formal invitations. Order them online and you should receive them back in a few days – or if you’re really pushed for time send an E-card invitation.
  • Try and hold your ceremony and reception in the same place to cut down on planning. You may get a discount if you’re marrying off season and midweek.
  • Wedding dresses can take up to six months to make so you’re going to have to be flexible here too. Investigate sample sales and off the peg dresses from a reputable supplier. Many high street shops now stock a wedding dress style for instance Monsoon or Coast.
  • Remember that if you’re short of time you won’t have time to worry either. You’ll have to make decisions fairly quickly and go with the flow – so it can be a little less stressful.
  • Don’t have time to sort a wedding cake? Have a look at supermarket cakes which can be ordered in record time. Waitrose has some stunning options, as do Marks & Spencer. Remember you can also dress up a plain cake with accessories – another way our venue stylists can help you too.
  • Book a photographer. Have a look at their portfolios to make sure their style is something you feel comfortable with – your photographs are a lasting memory of your big day so you’ll want to be happy with them. If there is a photographer you particularly want to work with, don’t book your venue or set your date until you know they are free then.
  • Entertainment. If you’re having a DJ or band make sure you get them locked in so you get the entertainment you want. Always ask to hear a sample of the entertainment provided by a venue’s DJ or musicians to make sure it’s what you’re looking for.
  • Flowers. Contact a few florists and see who is available. Remember to use flowers in season to keep your costs down and your green credentials up. Go for simple, in season flowers and set them off to perfection with clever venue styling, eye-catching vases and imaginative table arrangements.
  • Check your passports are up to date if you’re going away and remember in high season it can take a few weeks to get a new passport, so you need to be doing that now.

Speak to one of our Venue Stylists and see how we can help you to get the wedding day you want in record time!