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There are many varied and interesting traditions associated with weddings around the world. I have been taking a looking at some of these and here are some of my favourite ones. I will keep adding more as I find them…… if you have one to share please do let me know and I can include it within my blog.

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    Foot Whipping

    This is a South Korean tradition and takes place so that the groom can look forward to his wedding night.  The tradition is carried out by his groomsmen.  The Foot Whipping also known as ‘Bastinado’ or ‘Falaka’ is the beating of the groom’s bare feet with a cane or fish.  The tradition is that is it is said to test the groom’s strength and character.

  2. 2

    Jumping the Broom

    This tradition now has a place in history and comes from the South of America.  During slavery times, African American couples were not allowed to marry and so jumping of the broom was used as a custom by the slaves in place of a wedding ceremony.  This is a tradition that is still followed today by African Americans as a tribute to generations passed.

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    Kissing the Groom

    I do like this tradition, a wonderful Danish tradition that  makes sure that ‘the love’ is being felt by everyone and not only the bride and groom.  I’m sure it could cause a few problems but if the bride leaves the wedding table, every female member of the bridal party will rush to the groom to kiss him whilst he is alone.  This is also the same for if the groom leaves the table the males of the bridal party will rush to kiss the bride.  This could be a very busy wedding!

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    Hindu Wedding Exchange

    Traditionally a wedding ring is worn on your left hand and is placed on your finger during the exchanging of vows.  Within a Hindu wedding did you know that traditionally a bride will wear her wedding ring on their left foot?


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