If you follow interior design trends you’ll have heard a lot of talk lately about ceilings and how they are the ‘fifth wall.’¬† More and more, ceilings are being lavishly decorated rather than just left white.

This is a trend we’re certainly taking notice of. We’ve been fans of room draping and ceiling lighting for a while now. There are few better ways to transform an indifferent-looking venue into something magical and spectacular.

Country-style weddings

Barn weddings are lovely. They have an atmosphere all of their own, they’re usually in pretty countryside and there’s something about a barn’s interior that makes it very welcoming.

However, as it’s your wedding reception you may want to pretty up the barn a bit and make it look a bit more romantic. A barn’s ceiling lends itself perfectly to this – beams are made for draping garlands of flowers and lights along and stretches of dreamy fabric.

Ceiling draping is your secret weapon when it comes to softening what could otherwise be an austere venue.

Even the plainest ceiling in a hall can be magicked into something pretty and stylish, with a few clever touches. As well as lights we’re also fans of coloured lanterns. Not just one, but a cascade of different sizes and colours flowing down from the roof.

Colourful lanterns, lights and drapes completely transform this ceiling and give a party atmosphere.

Don’t forget to hang flowers and lights from the ceiling to create photo opportunities. Image via Tim Dunk.

Don’t you just love the ceiling decor below?

ceiling at wedding

Never forget the ceilings at your wedding. Think of them as a fifth wall.If there’s a gallery landing at your wedding reception then this is also a perfect decorative opportunity and one not to be missed. Under a gallery landing you’ll probably have a lower ceiling so with clever lighting you can create a real atmosphere of intimacy.

Dreamscape wedding theme

Here the balcony and landing were ‘brought into’ the room with clever use of draped lights and floristry.


A very intimate setting for the ceremony and beautifully decorated both above and below. Photographed at Denton Hall.

If the ceiling in your venue is very high and you want to give the impression that it is lower (to make the room seem more intimate perhaps) then draping string lights above will do this very effectively. You’ll still get the grandeur that comes from a high ceiling but the space will feel more enclosed – in a good way.

Ceiling fairy lights transforming the Tewin Bury Farm Hotel

Here our stylist has used lighting up above to create a real statement. Christmas Wedding by Ambience Buckinghamshire

You can also create a walkway effect by placing draping and lighting up above. This works particularly well if you want to create an entranceway where there isn’t an obvious one.

If your venue lacks entrance appeal, then using festoon lights cleverly outdoors will transform it

Here our stylist set up blossom canopy trees either side of the top table… The top trending overhead styling item!

A really popular trend is using blossom trees indoors and arraying them in close ranks to create a forest-style aisle and overhead canopy of branches. It’s always admired by guests.

Silver, metallics and white are a stunning combination

Talk to your florist or venue stylist about how you could use flowers to decorate the ceiling of your venue. You could have hanging floral baskets perhaps. We love the effect of having blossom and wisteria trees at the aisle. The actual ceremony can be stripped back and look classic while the trees add a wow factor! The space can look completely transformed.

Glitter balls on the ceiling show everyone where the dancefloor is and throw off interesting light patterns.