It’s a key focal point so needs careful thought…

Remember in the build-up to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding there was a major question about the wedding aisle? Who exactly was going to accompany Meghan on her walk down it, whilst the eyes of the world were upon her?

Eventually she walked herself down the first part of the aisle, before being greeted by Prince Charles. Just the sort of independent, confident woman we have come to expect.

A supremely elegant aisle, decorated in golds and creams. Perfect for a large, imposing wedding day.

Most of us won’t be on quite such display on our wedding day, but your wedding aisle is still key. It’s the pathway to your new life together, walking down the aisle is a major moment in your life and a real focal point on your wedding day.

So you need to make sure that it looks completely beautiful.

barn wedding

Think about the season in which you’re getting married. These colours worked beautifully for an Autumn wedding in a rustic barn.

If you’re marrying in a church you’ll almost certainly have a natural aisle between pews. But if you’re marrying in a barn or a hotel, you may want to define the area with a runner.

This acts as a clear pathway and the advantage is you can have a runner in just about any colour you like. However reds and creams are popular choices as they generally fit in with the decor well.

wedding aisle

You can decorate the celebrant table at a civil wedding in colours to suit your day. Here lilac has been offset by blossom trees either side of the aisle and a silver sequinned cloth transforming a nondescript table. The bay windows form a natural backdrop and the runner sets out the aisle on the parquet flooring.

There are so many ways to decorate this important walkway to your new life. We love it when brides use trees at the end of the aisle or even along it if your budget permits. Trees are really versatile as they are portable, so you can move them afterwards to your reception venue.

Think about the colours you choose too. Reds and golden colours work well in winter, whilst pastels, blues and pinks look glorious at spring and summer weddings.

You’ll need to think about how you decorate the side of your aisle too. In the picture above the bride has chosen to have roses tucked into the chair sashes, which looks so pretty.

bridal arch

A delicate arch decorated with soft pink roses can form a beautiful backdrop and draw the eye towards where the ceremony is taking place.

We’ve already mentioned that an aisle is a focal point and it leads up to the main event which is the marriage ceremony. You might want to use a floral arch to decorate where you stand to get married (Meghan Markle had glorious flowers on all the archways down her wedding aisle). This makes for wonderful photo opportunities and will ‘frame’ the setting. You can also move an arch to your reception and put it behind the centre of the top table or by the cake table or even at the entrance to a marquee.

wedding aisle in golds

Two different aisles. Two completely different moods. It just goes to show how important it is to get your aisle decorations right for your day.

Some brides choose to have a summer wedding and get married outside although to be legal you do have to get married under a fixed structure in England.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding you might not need a runner, but make sure the entrance to the gazebo or fixed structure you are marrying in is decorated to create the impression of a ‘stage’. In the image above, the aisle ‘curves’ around, which works well in a square room.

This gives you some fabulous opportunities for styling your wedding, treat the gazebo as a ‘stage’ and fit curtains and drapes to add some drama.

Of course you don’t have to have a long straight wedding aisle. You can be a bit different and curve it, as in the photograph shown above. So you walk around the aisle rather than down it. It’s something to think about if the room you’re marrying in is square rather than rectangular.

wedding aisle

Even the blandest background can be enhanced with a runner to decorate the aisle


wedding aisle runner

Here the runner has created a wedding aisle where there wasn’t one. The colour co-ordinates with the shades of the chairs and up above strings of lights and greenery decorate the ceilings

Don’t forget up above either, maybe use lighting and greenery to add interest. Don’t worry if you have a plain room it actually gives you more decoration opportunities.

At the end of a long walk, the bridegroom and his best man are waiting. Red is a dramatic colour for a runner and works well in a traditional setting.

bridal arch

Glass bauble lanterns in trees light up the end of this aisle. In the other image, the ceremony area has been draped and festooned with greenery for visual effect.