Classic, romantic and versatile. Lanterns are a stylist’s secret tip

Lighting is key to setting a mood. It can be used to create an atmosphere of calm, excitement, efficiency or to encourage relaxation.

Lighting is also going to be important on your wedding day to set the scene. So today, we’re going to talk about using lanterns on your wedding day and all the different ways you can use them to create different effects. All the photographs here are of lanterns at weddings styled by our teams around the country.

using lanterns at wedding

Our Bradford stylist used lanterns in graduated sizes to light up this cathedral entrance

As a finishing touch

You can use lanterns to light up the entrance to your ceremony and to create a walkway down the aisle. Place a lantern at the end of every pew or row of chairs for an instant flourishing finish.

You can also use lanterns to guide people for example to create a pathway to a marquee. If you’re setting up chill out zones use lanterns there to soften the light and create a romantic atmosphere.

lanterns at wedding

You can put lanterns wherever you need them and move them around. Our Harrogate stylist used them here at the venue entrance.

Portable and versatile

One of the beauties of using lanterns with candles is that you can move them around to wherever you want them. You don’t have to worry about electric sockets or the availability of power outlets. Just use candles to suit the lantern size and in a colour to match your wedding theme and you’re away. If your venue doesn’t allow a naked flame ask our stylist about battery operated candles instead.


Different ways of using lanterns at a wedding

If you’re using them to light the way to your ceremony and at the ceremony yourself, you can have them moved afterwards to your reception, outside the entrance or on the tables if they are a suitable size.

You can also use them as props for a wedding photograph, outside in the gardens or around your cake table maybe.

Use lanterns as props for your photographs

Where to use lanterns

Look at these photographs and you’ll be inspired by seeing the different ways in which lanterns have been used in different places.

If a staircase is a bit plain then you can soften the edges with lanterns and maybe some floral decorations. The two go beautifully together.

Creating interesting focal points with lanterns

Creating magical focal points with lanterns… styling by Ambience Hertfordshire

If there’s a large plain wall, place some lanterns in front of it to break up the expanse and create some interesting shadow play.

Lanterns look wonderful in alcoves and will light up shady corners and darker areas with a dreamy flickering light.

They’re also wonderful on windowsills, whether they’re in an old church or stately home or a more modern setting.

Some more inspiration, styling by Ambience York

Place them on each tread of a stairway to draw the eye and create a focal point.

As a backdrop to your wedding ceremony

There are going to be several focal points at your wedding. Your wedding aisle, where you say your vows, the wedding breakfast table, the dance floor, your cake table etc… You can use lanterns to help style a focal point beautifully and draw the eye and create extra interest in the wedding photographs.

Creating a romantic glow

Spring, summer, autumn and winter

Lanterns will play a part on your wedding day at whatever time of year you are marrying. In winter it gets dark early and it’s likely to be cold. So you can use lanterns to create an atmosphere of warmth and cosiness. Have your guests arrive to a late afternoon wedding with lanterns already lit and welcoming up the pathways and inside.

In summer and autumn you can use lanterns at dusk to light the way to a marquee, placed under trees and by exterior staircases. They will set the scene and will progress your party from day to evening, subtly giving the message of a change of mood from dinner to the time for dancing.

In springtime you can use lanterns filled with beautiful spring flowers to decorate your tables, aisle, windowsills and pathways.

Lanterns can be filled with flowers too

Lanterns are really incredibly beautiful when styled creatively. Our stylists have a whole selection in different sizes, shapes and styles to suit your venue and can dress them up to match the theme of your wedding and this way you won’t have to invest in buying a load of lanterns either. You can just pick out the ones you need for your wedding day and not have the hassle of storing them afterwards!

So, will you have lanterns at your wedding venue?