Time to sit and watch a few clips from weddings in movies…  Maybe some will ring a little true to you? 

27 dresses

As the title suggests, in this movie a bridesmaid has played a bridesmaid at weddings an incredible 27 times and worn 27 different dresses, not all of which were a success. This is a great chick flick to watch with your girls if you’re doing some wedding DIY stuff together. Don’t worry, it has a happy ending.

Breaking Dawn – The Twilight Saga

This is one to watch as it probably has the most exquisitely beautiful wedding guests you’ll ever see. Clue, they’re mostly all dazzlingly good-looking vampires. Everything is picture perfect here, the colour co-ordination of the bridesmaid dresses, the scenery, the flowers. Watch the aisle Bella walks down, it’s fabulously decorated with trailing white blooms. Some good ideas here that you can get inspiration from for your big day. There’s a dress code for men that works well too.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

We think the message that a bride should take away from this one is not to have a wedding dress that’s too much based on fashion. Go for classic lines and styling and you’re much less likely to grimace at your wedding photographs a few years down the line. This is the movie that created the expression ‘wearing a meringue’ after all. Also, it’s a good one to watch if you want to avoid excruciatingly embarrassing guest entertainment, watch the part with the guitar players at the ceremony, singing out of tune.

The Royal Wedding 2011

This was the moment Kate tied the knot to Will in front of millions. What can we take away from this is Kate’s lesson in how to be poised and unflappable, when you’re the centre of attention. She has to be congratulated for her coolness when she arrived at Westminster Abbey and is seen having to reassure her nervous dad!

Also her excellent deportment and the way she walked down the aisle with head up, shoulders back, confident with great posture. Make sure you practice walking in your wedding shoes and holding yourself with shoulders back and tummy in!

Kate’s wedding dress was absolutely perfect for a queen in waiting. Elegant lace, long sleeves, a tiara to die for and a fabulous cathedral length veil, well, she was getting married in Westminster Abbey.  We loved the trees that lined the aisle in Westminster Abbey, a look you could certainly copy for your wedding ceremony and her bridesmaid sister in a fabulous cream sheath column dress with cute little flower girls and pageboys.

So now we have Meghan Markle’s wedding to Prince Harry to look forward to. Wonderful if she’ll recycle any of her sister in-law- to be’s ideas?

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

A comedy film based on what happens when two people from different cultures decide to get married. Different cultures have different wedding traditions and in this wedding the bride does her best to work in ideas from her background and that of the bridegroom, with some entertaining results.


We think every bride to be should watch this the moment she gets engaged (if she hasn’t done so already). Basically it’s all about female friendships and how not to treat your bridesmaids in the run up to your wedding day. Things like, getting them to wear bridesmaid dresses that really don’t suit them but which you like. Tip, be open-minded about this, opt for a particular colour but let the girls choose a neckline and length that will flatter them. Or if you can’t choose one colour in particular, go for an ombre effect. Also, planning expensive hen parties that are beyond the means of many girls. Oh, and it’s also a hilarious movie so you should watch it anyway.