We’ve been keeping a close eye out on some beautiful new trending wedding colour schemes and looks that are becoming highly requested and we want to tell you all about them! Some of these aren’t exactly colours, they are effects that create different colours at different moments. Read on and be inspired…

irridescent wedding

A master class in iridescence. Oversized illuminated letters just glow and give a real warmth to the room, which is reflected back by the sparkling tablecloth.


Okay, so we know that this isn’t so much a colour as a finish really. So what exactly is iridescence? Well, it’s when a surface seems to change colour as you look at it from different angles. Think of the surface of a soap bubble orĀ  seashells.

Stained glass irridescent

Stained glass iridescent inspiration by our talented Hertfordshire stylists! Choose glass with different finishes to get the right effect.

Translating these different colour effects to your wedding day is something we’ve been working on with a few couples just lately and one way of doing it is by using lanterns on and around your tables and as finishing touches around the venue.

Dreamscape wedding theme

Notice the Dreamscape colours, the soft pinks, the bougainvillea… you can blend them together to suit your taste. Styling by our Buckinghamshire stylist.


Think of sherbet coloured pastels. You know the colours that flying saucer sherbet sweets come in? Well, that’s basically Dreamscape shading. Pantone has put together a Dreamscape palette here from which you can use as inspiration.

Dreamscape shades by Pantone

Dreamscape shades by Pantone

Neutrals and sparkles

So you like neutral… but you want to have neutral with a little bit of edge. In which case you can add a touch of sparkle. For your neutrals you could choose a grey, a blush pink, a soft blue and then add something that glitters.

A romantic backdrop of sparkle

A romantic backdrop of sparkle – dramatic but it still gives out soft warm lighting.

A novel way of doing this is by having a curtain of lights at key areas in your reception room.

soft pink roses at wedding

You could also blend classic soft pink blush roses in vases with a metallic sparkle. Image via Ambience Venue Styling Bradford.

Iridescent lanterns lining the aisle beautifully… Styled by Ambience York

Grey is classic

Grey never goes out of style. It’s elegant and it’s a neutral all in its own right. And as you know, neutrals pair beautifully with one another or work alone.

A grey linen table runner paired with metallic contrasting votives and glass charger plates add class and are very on trend.

Pink and silver work perfectly together if you’re looking for some soft romantic finishes with a bit of sparkle.

Deep red roses add romance and a necessary colour accent. Laura Calderwood photography.

Bold accents

Is this a colour scheme? Well, using dramatic pops of colour is certainly trending, particularly when woven into greenery, as you see here. With a colour pop you don’t want neutral. You want something that stands out and dazzles. In the image above a deep red rose adds the colour accent. Your colour shades should be brazen, we’re thinking deep reds, sapphire blues, turquoises, greens and oranges…

A bold accent will also work with neutral shades to add a visual dimension.

white wedding theme

Blossoms canopy trees are big news and here our stylist in York filled the room with white blossom trees for a dreamy effect. And spot the deep red accent on the cake.

Traditional whites

White or ivory has long been associated with traditional weddings in the UK. Today’s couple’s are starting to have all white weddings with a twist however. They’re using one colour but introducing different textures with the white for example ruffles, ribbons, white lace, white satin, white sequin, white lighting etc.

romantic white wedding

Romantic timeless white florals with delicate white floral lace chair sashes.

We hope that these ideas have got you thinking. Visit our Facebook page and see other images from real weddings that our stylists have styled and see if you come across any images which reflect what you’ve always dreamed of!

With stylists up and down the country there is surely going to be somebody near you to help you realise your imaginings.

Other colour themes to be thinking about

  • Gold and pink
  • Peach and cornflower blue
  • Lilac and grey
  • Brass Metallic
  • Blue, silver and white
  • Monochrome
  • Tropical with accents of magenta pink
  • Pastels, pinks, lilac with silver accents