Really it’s all about the welcome. When your guests arrive at their table you want the decor to make people feel relaxed and delighted to be invited to your big day.

So instead of just deciding to put standard floral arrangements on the tables you need to think hard about this one. Do you actually need flowers at all?

As always, think about the time of year in which you’re getting married, the style of the event (is it formal or less formal), the location, the mood and who is actually coming

Trends come and go, and a wedding can look very dated and dull if the table decorations have been put together at the last minute. So we’ve put together some ideas for you below taken from our weddings which show many of the decorative trends for tables that are going on right now.

There are plenty of thoughts here – using lighting, fabrics, different types of containers, playing around with different heights for decoration. You’re looking to create visual delight, interest and balance as well as a welcoming ambience.

blossom wedding tree centrepieces

Wedding Re-Launce styling at York Theatre Royal by Ambience

Some key rules

Don’t choose a centrepiece that obstructs people’s view of one another across the table. You don’t want it to be a barrier. Consider having something low or something in a very tall vase (or a candlelabra) so that the flowers are up high and people can see each other.

tall wedding table centrepiece

If you want spectacular floral table centrepieces, keep them up high so that they don’t stop your guests seeing one another!

  • In hot weather remember that floral centrepieces arranged in oasis may wilt. Make sure they are sprayed with water at the last minute before guests take their places.
  • Vases don’t have to be matchy-matchy. It’s very on trend to use several small vases containing flowers. You do need to have a theme going on with them though – this could be colour, texture or style.
  • You don’t have to have flowers as a centrepiece, think in terms of what would be visual decoration. You could have a centrepiece of ostrich feathers, a photograph or seasonal fruits.
  • Long swathes of greenery draped along the length of the table look beautiful on a refectory style setting.
  • Fabric in a contrasting colour can also be used to define a table centre. Maybe a length of chiffon to match chair covers or a sparkling sequinned overlay?
Greenery at wedding

A sparkling sequin tablecloth adds depth, whilst long fronds of eucalyptus add softness and a wonderful scent. Trail greenery around tea lights to get the look. York The Parsonage Wedding Fair Styling.

Here the bride sourced baby trees and used them as centrepieces which created a botanical effect. Afterwards they were planted in the couple’s garden to remind them of their wedding day. What a beautiful thought.

Rustic wedding centrepieces

Softly arranged posies for a rustic wedding – with a hessian and lace band on jam jars literally tying the look together. Our stylist used different heights of jars to add visual appeal.

Iridescent lanterns are having a moment just now and give a soft glow to a reception area. These soft sherbet colours echo the Pantone trend Dreamscape, which is all about soft pastels.

Colours for an autumn wedding with the unique idea of the menu handwritten on glass. Taken at Kings Chapel in Buckinghamshire.

A simple rose under a glass cloche dome is minimal but effective. Derbyshire wedding styling.

candlelit wedding table centrepiece

An array of tealights and candles is elegant and sophisticated – using lighting is a key way to create a mood on your wedding tables and candlelight flatters everyone! We love this styling by Ambience Hertfordshire

Chiffon drops

Here are examples of where our stylists have laid chiffon fabrics along the centre of the table as a base layer…