Your wedding table decorations, more than almost anything else at your reception, are going to set the overall mood. Here are some tips on what to think about when planning the perfect wedding table decor.

black and white wedding table decorations

Here’s a monochrome wedding created by one of our stylists. Perfect for anĀ  evening event. Flowers by the talented Fulford Flowers.

Think about the time of day

If you’re having an afternoon wedding reception, then light colours are best. Think of pastels, classic whites, creams and greys. You also need to think about fabrics like soft pale lace, chiffon and cotton.

If you’re getting married later in the day and having an evening reception, then you can go all out with the deeper and dramatic shades. An evening do would suit materials such as spectacular velvets, sequinned cloths and richly coloured satins.

Think about the time of year

In winter you could consider colours like aubergine, midnight blue or go for a monochrome effect in black and white.

Stay on trend with metallics shades of silver, bronze and gold.

rustic wedding table decorations

Here’s how to decorate a table for a rustic, informal style wedding day

Think of the season in which you’re marrying

Fresh flowers on a table are never wrong, they look so fresh and inviting. Try and use flowers which are in season so in spring that would be tulips, narcissi, hyacinths. In summer you could opt for peonies. But luckily that most romantic of flowers, the rose, you can use all year round!

Candles on a table will create an intimate atmosphere and move your reception on from late afternoon to evening. But don’t put scented candles on the table as they will interfere with the smell of the food you’re going to be serving and strike a jarring note.

Rustic Birdcage Centrepiece

Rustic birdcage Centrepiece

Think about your wedding theme

At a rustic wedding try and use natural containers, maybe an oasis hidden in bark or old teapots and jam jars. You don’t want anything too structured.

On the other hand, if your theme is sophisticated and urban, then you could opt for tall vases filled with cascading flowers, tall candelabras and even vases of ostrich feathers.

wedding table decorations

Metallics are a real trend and look stunning on wedding tables

Rules of wedding table decorations

  • Keep everything either well above eye level or at table level. You don’t want decorations to interfere with your guests’ line of vision as this will interrupt the flow of conversation around the table
  • Don’t use scented candles which will detract from the delicious aromas of the guests’ food
  • Don’t forget your wedding cake table. Your cake is going to take centre stage at some part of the reception, so make sure it is suitably highlighted
  • Have a special table with a wedding post box set aside for your gifts and any envelopes you receive on the day. A post box will keep everything safe for you
wedding post box

Our stylists have all the props you want – so you won’t have to source or buy items like a wedding post box

  • If you don’t have much of a budget for flowers, then think about using simple greenery to decorate your tables. For example, in winter you could use branches taken from fir trees blended around hurricane lanterns
  • Candelabras add a real touch of glamour and decadence to wedding tables. Whilst white candles are a classic, coloured candles can serve to reinforce your colour theme
  • Our stylists love to plan wedding tablescapes and looks. With so many styling items and props available across the network, one can be spoilt for choice!
ostrich feather table centre

Snowy white ostrich feathers make a wonderful table centrepiece

A checklist for your wedding tables – here’s what you need to be thinking about

  • Place settings – maybe different for men, women and for children?
  • The centrepiece – flowers? candelabra? lantern? or something completely unique to you?
  • Place names – personalised, edible or something quirky?
  • Napkin – this can be personalised to double up as a wedding favour
  • Different coloured glasses in different heights can lift a table from the ordinary to the super stylish
  • Cutlery – you don’t have to have silver, gold can look smashing too
  • Table Linen – an important part of your table decor. You could have a decorative sequin cloth rather than a plain white linen one. Or maybe just a runner if you want to subtly introduce another texture or colour
  • Chair decor – would chiavari or cheltenham chairs be an option? The possibilities are endless!
  • Favours – but if you’re tight on budget, you can forget these. If you do have them, remember they will form part of your table decorations, so make sure the colours and style match your theming
  • The colour and style of your crockery
  • Whether you use a charger underneath your plates
blush pink chiffon sashes

A blush wedding look executed to perfection here…