What girl doesn’t love shoes? Your wedding shoes are going to be one of your most important big day purchases. They’ll need to be stylish and comfortable.

If you’ve always wanted a pair of Louboutins or Jimmy Choos then go right ahead (mind you, make sure they’re part of your budget). But before you go off shopping, just keep your feet on the ground and read our tips on how to pick out the perfect pair for your big day.

First dance at wedding

Make sure you can dance in your shoes

  1. Choose a pair of shoes you won’t want just to wear on your wedding day. If you can wear your dream shoes over and over again (and not just the once) they will work out to be far less expensive. Do the cost per wear sum.
  2. You don’t have to choose ivory or white shoes. Metallics, bronze, silver and gold can also work well and are more practical for future wear. Particularly if you’re having a metallic-themed day.
  3. Wear your wedding shoes indoors on the carpet before your big day. There are good reasons for this. You want them to mould themselves to your feet so they are super comfy and don’t give you blisters. If you don’t usually wear heels and your dream shoes have them then practice wearing them around the house (again on carpet, so you don’t scuff them).
  4. If you’re getting married in a stately home or somewhere that has a wooden floor, you may find that stilettos are banned. Find out before you buy your shoes. Tell your bridesmaids too and your wedding guests.
  5. Make sure you take your shoes with you when you’re being fitted for your wedding dress (or some that are a similar height). That way the seamstress making your dress and fitting it can see how the gown hangs and how the length works with your intended heel height.
  6. Choose your shoes to fit the style of wedding day you’ve chosen to have. If you’re having a boho kind of a day, then think about boho shoes. If you’re marrying on a beach then avoid high heels. Think about beautiful jewelled flats instead. If you’re marrying in the city, then you can have skyscraper heels (as long as you can walk in them).
  7. If your shoes are peep toe or sandals, then make sure you have a perfect pedicure.
  8. You may love skyscraper heels but they may not be the best choice for your wedding day. You’ve got to wear them all day and if you’re having a show-off first dance, they may be difficult to dance in. Better to wear heels that are manageable. You don’t want to be grimacing in pain. Also, very high stilettos have a habit of getting stuck in hems, which is a problem you can do without.
  9. You could change into another pair of shoes that are good for dancing (take a tip from the contestants on ‘Strictly’).
  10. Don’t feel that shoes don’t matter if you’re wearing a long gown. Your feet are still going to peek out from underneath so make sure your shoes offer a magical glimpse.
  11. If you’re longing for colourful wedding shoes then remember you can get them dyed in all sorts of colours (a good tip if you find your perfect shoes but they’re not in the colour you want).
  12. If you’re on a strict budget then remember you can dress up a very plain pair of courts with jewelled shoe clips.
  13. Think about the fabric of your gown and your shoes – it’s important that they complement one another.
  14. If you’re having a vintage wedding, it’s best not to wear vintage shoes. Buy new ones, wear them in and have them dyed if necessary.
  15. Finally, don’t forget to scratch leather soled shoes before wearing. You don’t want to slip down the aisle, do you!


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