Give your winter wedding a special sparkle

winter wonderland wedding

A deep blue is an elegant colour to base a winter wonderland wedding theme around. Here our stylist has tied chairs with rich deep taffeta bows, finished off with diamante detailing

So many brides decide to get married in the summer months. But deciding to do it your way and get married in winter shows a certain style. Marrying between November and March, having a winter wonderland wedding, is really very cool and has a number of advantages.

  • You’re more likely to get the guests you want because they are unlikely to be on holiday
  • You’re more likely to get the photographer and caterer you want, because they won’t be so busy as during the summer months
  • You could have more choice of venues, and a better deal for your budget, because venues aren’t so booked up and will be more open to offers
  • You can use rich, dark colours for your flowers, your bridesmaid dresses, your wedding accessories, your stationery…
  • People won’t have wedding ‘fatigue’. During the summer it can sometimes feel as if there is a wedding on every weekend. In the winter not so much. So guests will be fresh and ready to enjoy themselves
  • You can get married later in the day and have your wedding blending into an evening party without any interruption. Marry at 4pm and you can just serve drinks, canapés and dinner. Marry earlier in the day and you’ll probably have to include afternoon tea which adds to the expense
  • As the bride you can wear a dramatic (and warm) cape to and from the ceremony which will look so romantic
Winter wonderland wedding in deep blue and silver

Deep blue and silver tones work together beautifully

We’ve designed several weddings for winter brides so let’s look at some of the styling and see what is appealing to you.

Winter wonderland wedding in deep blue and silver

You could dress your bridesmaids in deep blues with lace to add to the effect (dress by Dessy).

As you can see from these photographs, a rich deep blue combined with silver, works beautifully as a winter wedding theme.

Other colours to consider for a winter wedding: burgundy, forest green, gold, metallics, scarlet and cream. All of these would look fantastic and bring warmth to a cold day.

In winter you want things to be vibrant. It’s not the time of year for soft pastels, leave that to spring and summer.

Winter wonderland wedding

Cream with winter berries and pinecones combined with gold is another theme to think about

Cream, green and gold is also a chic colour palette with plenty of potential for your big day.

Winter wonderland wedding in deep blue and silver

Laying a table in deep blues and with white roses is just beautiful

Remember to choose flowers that are in season, ask your florist if you need some advice. You’ll get more flowers for your money that way and you’ll also have flowers that look better. Roses will be available and there’s nothing much more classical than white or cream roses, which look glorious. You don’t need many of them either just a single rose in a bud vase is perfect on a winter table.

winter wonderland wedding

Add some white trees around your table for height and structure

Using trees indoors is a big trend, we think Kate Middleton started it at the Royal Wedding. Tall trees or sprays of branches sprayed white will give a room a very romantic, forest light feel. You can have sprays of lights on them if you want a more eye catching feature. If you want to, you can take things further with up-lighting, maybe a forest floor effect on the dance floor.

Lighting is crucial for getting the right atmosphere, so it’s worth talking to your venue about it in plenty of time.

A Christmas tree is always a beautiful and seasonal accessory at a December wedding

If you’re marrying around Christmas time then you have a ready-made theme for you. Have Christmas trees dotted around your venue and at the ceremony itself. You could have crackers on the guest tables maybe with a label on so they can double up as seating cards, tie napkins with Christmas baubles and sprays of mistletoe and holly.

Other must haves for a winter wedding

  • A roaring fire in the hallway to welcome guests on arrival
  • Warming cups of soup or mulled wine for chilled hands
  • Hot canapés
  • Rugs in the church if it’s drafty
  • Not too much standing around outside getting photographs taken, getting cold
  • A cape or wrap for the bride and bridesmaids to wear outside. Blue lips are not a good look!